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Through the looking glass: organizing the Twins in Groningen 23,24 January

This time a blogpost about a seminar from a different perspective: organizing. We had been playing with the idea already for some time: organizing a seminar ourselves. It only seemed fair after having been participants so often. Some deliberation and weighing of the pros and cons (of about 1,5 year) later we decided to go [...]

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‘Natural born heroes’ by Christopher McDougall

I have been trying to be a runner since my early teens. Without proper training and with lots of injuries I never managed to build up the length of my runs. Until I read Christopher McDougall book 'Born to run'. One of the best adventure stories I ever read and it really made me want [...]

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Maxim Franz Kortrijk 2015: making the connection

Over the years I've been at at least six seminars of Maxim Franz, plus at some classes by Maxim at headquarters. And it never get's boring. Partly because of his dry humor, but mostly because of the excellent build-up of the training, good feedback and skilled demonstrations. This time was no exception. From my perspective [...]

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Kwan Lee Amsterdam 2015: increasing depth

raining Systema can be a little bit overwhelming. It has so many layers and so much depth that each time you learn one thing, it will enable you to see many more new things that you still need to develop. In some ways this can be demotivating, but I find it one of the biggest [...]

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Chains, joint breaks and knifes: The Twins in Kortrijk 2015

Age off course is a relative thing and it does not take too much to be considered young in the Systema community (hair for example). Adam and Brendan Zettler, 'the Twins', prove however that you don't necessarily have to be over forty or even thirty to be an excellent teacher. They checked off an impressive [...]

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Back to basics or walking backwards

Sometimes doing Systema feels like taking one step forward and two steps back. I feel like this especially during the 'know yourself' seminars series of Arend Dubbelboer. During the excellent seminars Arend offers new insight in the 'basics' of Systema, leaving me and some other participants asking ourselves if we will ever get this down. [...]

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Collectors Items

Even though I have heard it many times before, it still surprises me when I hear it again. "No I don't do any particular style, I just use what is best and mix it all together." Okay.... Don't get me wrong, I am not at all against cross-training. Personally I prefer to cross train with [...]

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Working with my psyche: observations after Emmanuel Manolakakis in Kortrijk

Two weeks ago Emmanuel Manolakakis gave a seminar in Kortrijk. During the seminar, Emmanuel used working with weapons as a means to instruct us on a stable psyche. I used to consider the main cause of disruption of my stable psyche during training irritation with my partners or myself. These days however I can manage [...]

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